Thursday, June 19, 2008

New version of the Dimensioning Toolkit

2009-07-15: The Dimensioning Toolkit has been replaced with sizer.

I have put up a new version of the Dimensioning Toolkit.
Now, there is a particular version for MySQL Cluster 6.2 and MySQL Cluster 6.3.

The reason for this split is that the libraries and include files are in different locations (include/ and lib/ in 6.2, but lib/mysql and include/mysql in 6.3).
I don't know why the build team changes this between versions (even builds) and so often... very annoying.

Anyways, follow the links to download:

Dimensioning Toolkit for MySQL Cluster 6.2
Dimensioning Toolkit for MySQL Cluster 6.3


cidcampeador said...

Worked fine for me.



Samuel said...

The URL for downloading Dimensioning Toolkit is a broken link. Is it possible to upload it again? Thanks.

Johan Andersson said...


sizer has replaced the dim toolkit.
Link - see top of this post!