Monday, September 29, 2008

cmon 1.1 - released

New features in cmon 1.1:
  • used-defined log destination (earlier only possible to log to syslog or console)
    cmon --logfile=/tmp/cmon.log
    The logs are rotating and rotate when 1MB size has been reached.
  • init.d script - in initd/cmon is a script that can be used to start and stop cmon. You may have to edit the content of that script (e.g paths).
Bugs fixed in cmon 1.1:
  • various issues in the php scripts
  • fixed queries managing the backup and backuplog tables (the queries periodically removed all entries). Now the backup/backuplog/restore/restorelog tables can max contain 100 records, based on age.
  • Improvements in documentation around how to get graphs working (you need php-gd).
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