Friday, October 03, 2008

cmon 1.2 - released

You can now download cmon 1.2.2 at
Thank you everyone for your feedback.
Bugs fixed in cmon 1.2.2:
Bugs fixed in cmon 1.2.1:
  • Fixed a number of issues with building cmon on Solaris.
  • Updated the compile instructions adding a note how to build it on Solaris.

Bugs fixed in cmon 1.2:
  • --logfile - specifying a custom logfile was not working earlier and cmon exitted. Now this is fixed!
  • new configure option (--with-wwwroot): ./configure --with-wwwroot=</path/to/wwwroot/>
  • make install-extra: install cmon/www/ files into wwwroot directory and also install initd/cmon into /etc/init.d/cmon. This requires that you are root.
  • jpgraph-1.26 is bundled (in www/cmon) and is installed with make install-extra.

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