Friday, December 12, 2008

cmon 0.12 - with diskdata support and a lot of fixes

cmon 0.12 is now released and can be downloaded from

Release notes:
  • connection handling - cmon will now retry connects forever. cmon will also recover and automatically reconnect to cluster after a cluster failure or if the connection to the mysql server crashes where cmon logs information. This means you will have to terminate the cmon using e.g 'killall cmon' or /etc/init.d/cmon stop
  • disk data - cmon now gathers information about the amount of table space used and this is presented in the web interface
  • init.d scripts - fixed bugs in creating the init.d scripts during make install-extra
  • fixed compiler warnings - now 0 compiler warnings on Linux systems
  • mysql_statistics table - now explicitly using engine=myisam
  • web interface - changed printout if cmon cannot connect to the cmon mysql server (suggests you to change $mysql_hostname in {wwwroot}/cmon/
  • web interface - changed "Memory" to "Storage" which now contains table space information
  • web interface - print hostname instead of ipaddresses if possible
  • cmon has been tested on SUSE 10 (SLES 10).
  • documentation bug - wwwroot for SUSE is /srv/www/htdocs/
Upgrading from cmon 0.11
  • cmon 0.12 will add a new table called 'diskdata'. This will be added automatically when you start cmon-0.12. If you prefer, you can download the sql script and create it manually.
  • don't forget to do ./configure --with-wwwroot={documentroot of www server} if you want to easily install the www files for cmon using 'make install-extra'
  • make install-extra will also install the init.d scripts.

External integration
cmon was successfully integrated at a customer who was using Solarwinds IpMonitor as the central monitor for all their IT services.
By using SQL to select the cluster state, node state, etc from the cmon database, and raise alarms and notifications when needed, the customer's MySQL Cluster solution could be monitored from one central point.

  • brush up web interface (make it look nicer)
  • add replication link monitoring
  • add smtp/snmp notifications

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