Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cmon 0.13 released

The main fixes in cmon 0.13 are:
  • filtering of clusterlog
  • better graphs interface with filtering
  • fixed bug in load average graphs. Now the loadavg graphs works
  • added replication role, socket when adding a mysql server to be monitored from the web interface.
  • corrected bug with how often mysql_variables are collected
  • fixed problems with graphs
  • added images directory
  • revamped graphs - now producing files in images directory,
  • ajax support for Storage graphs
  • divided helpers into smaller files
Upgrade from cmon 0.12
  • Stop cmon 0.12 (e.g. killall cmon from the command line)
  • Execute this sql script on the cmon database.
  • Start cmon 0.13
  • If the above does not work, please report a bug. You can also try to execute drop database cmon and let cmon recreate it when it starts up,
You can download it at

Thanks for all feedback and bug reports!


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