Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Upgrade to 7.0.8 (with the Configurator)

MySQL Cluster 7.0.8 was released as a source distribution 30th of Sept 2009. You should upgrade if you can build from source or use the Configurator.

See below how to upgrade when using the Configurator.

7.0.8 contains a number of fixes in almost every area and you are recommended to upgrade if you experience problems with earlier version(s). Especially if you have encountered the "error 306" problem.

The Configurator v2.9 has been updated to use this version.

If you are already using the Configurator and build from source you can upgrade from MySQL Cluster 7.0.7 to 7.0.8 (and you are recommended to upgrade because of the following changes/fixes) in four steps. Here is how:

1. run the script (put it in install/ and chmod u+x ./
[cluster01]# pwd
[cluster01]# chmod u+x ./
[cluster01]# ./
Upgrading scripts
done - now run ./
2. run the script
[cluster01]# ./
After some time it will finish compiling:

mysql-7.0.8-linux-x86_64.tar.gz created
Removing temporary directory
Downloaded binary distribution to ../../repo
(the 'downloaded binary' should really read 'Copied binary').

3. When you get prompted with the following question answer 'y' (yes):
Do you want to install the binaries on the hosts now
(else run '' later)? (y/n):y
Important! Do not run the the script!!
4. change directory to the scripts/ to directory and run the ./ script
[cluster01]# pwd
[cluster01]# ./
This in an online procedure so it requires no downtime of the Cluster.
If you are using binary distributions then you have to wait, because they are not ready yet.
Good luck!

Ps - Configurator 2.9 (released 2nd of September 2009) contains some minor fixes:
  • Adding of [mysqld] slot for administration purposes
  • ./start-backup now backup the configuration files (config.ini, my.cnf and some internal files) as well.

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