Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Severalnines releases ClusterControl™ for MySQL Replication v. 1.1.9

Stockholm - October 4th 2011

Severalnines, provider of automation and management software for easily usable, highly available and auto-scalable cloud database platforms, today announces the latest release of its flagship product ClusterControl™ for MySQL Replication.

Introducing ClusterControl™ for MySQL Replication v.1.1.9

ClusterControl™ for MySQL Replication enables customers to Deploy, Manage, Monitor and Scale a clustered database platform based on the standard MySQL Replication.

Developers and DBAs now have access to all of the features of Severalnines' flagship product ClusterControl™ specifically adapted to MySQL Replication.

Designed to address issues and needs of MySQL users relying on MySQL Replication, ClusterControl™ for MySQL Replication offers a complete set of tools to assist developers and administrators of all skill levels to deploy, manage, monitor and scale their replicated MySQL databases.

Features and benefits

Config wizard
- Generates individual configurations based on application needs
- Creates deployment packages
- Deploys a Replication cluster in minutes
Config manager
- Sanity checks changes to configuration parameters
- Rolls out configuration changes to all servers and automates rolling restarts
Upgrade advisor
- Keeps users up-to-date by performing upgrades
- Applies minor patches or major upgrades
- Allows roll-back to previous versions
Availability manager
- Clusterware that detects process failures
- Automates MySQL master fail-over
- Performs recovery of failed database processes
Backup manager
- Schedule backups or allow users to start an immediate backup
- Monitor and browse existing backups
- Define retention policies
- No proprietary data formats
- Granular end-to-end transaction and database operation monitoring
Query analyzer
- Analysis on cluster-wide running queries
- Global MySQL processlist
- Deep real-time and historical visibility into individual nodes
Alarms and notifications
- Add new Slaves (or remove) to the cluster without any downtime
- Easily specify hostnames of Slaves to be added

View all of the features here.

Automated fail-over with ClusterControl™

Standard MySQL Replication is easy to set up, and is probably the most widely used mechanism to provide high availability for MySQL. Unfortunately, it is somewhat fragile. There is no support for fail-over. Slaves can easily end up with different data from the master. Diverging datasets can cause replication to stop. Crashing masters can corrupt binary logs, which means replication is not possible any more.

ClusterControl™ addresses the problems associated with master fail-over and resynchronizations, and avoids data loss by taking advantage of semi-sync replication in MySQL 5.5.

ClusterControl™ automates fail-over and reconfiguration of the replication setup to keep the Replication cluster stable and running. This online tutorial explains the MySQL Replication architecture, and how different types of failures are handled.

Users can try it now by generating their deployment package.

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About Severalnines

Severalnines provides automation and management software for easily usable, highly available and auto-scalable cloud database platforms. ClusterControl™, the company’s flagship product, used by developers and administrators of all skill levels, addresses the full deploy-manage-monitor-scale cycle. Severalnines has enabled over 7,000 deployments to date via its popular online configurator for clustered MySQL databases.

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