Friday, May 23, 2008

MySQL Cluster 6.2 - officially released

I guess I am bit late with these news... but.. IT IS GREAT NEWS!

Short summary (read more on Ramon's blog)
  • Cluster was pulled out of 5.1.24

  • Don't use 5.0 any longer

  • MySQL Cluster 6.2 is what everyone should use (unless CGE 6.3 features are needed). It is a great piece of software, thoroughly tested by telcos and put in production around the world!

Why pull Cluster out of 5.1.24? As everyone knows 5.1.24 is delayed and at the same time CGE 6.2 has lived its own life and matured in production and in test labs.

Although the mysql server parts are based on 5.1.23 the Cluster parts of 6.2 is production quality (like e.g geo-redundancy), but the non-cluster parts such as innodb and myisam etc are still RC quality.

By releasing it independently it can be maintained and released more often instead of being stuck to the official MySQL release schedule.

What has been referred to as CGE 6.2 in my previous blog posts are applicable to MySQL Cluster 6.2, it is the same version, but now you can get binary builds of it.

MySQL Cluster 6.3 (previously known, and still known, as CGE 6.3) has not got any binary builds yet, and is still currently only delivered in source.

Look here for feature differences between MySQL Cluster 6.2 and MySQL Cluster 6.3!

Good luck with your clustering!


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