Saturday, April 25, 2009

Configurator - new version 2.1

The Configurator has undergone some serious fixing as 2.0 had some issues.
Here is a brief list of the enhancements:
  • error handing and progress reports - I have rewritten almost all scripts with better error handling and progress reports. E.g, if a node fails to start during a rolling restart, then the rolling restart script is aborted and you get a suggestion how to recover. If you run on an already started cluster, it will refuse to run. There are many more changes like this to check the status of the nodes (both data nodes and sql nodes) during startup
  • download link to package - When you have entered the email address, then you will also get a link where to download the package, in case you experience problems with receiving the email (I have raised an issue to the hosting company about this)
  • restructure - I have also moved the install scripts to scripts/install and the monit scripts to scipts/extra. The uses chkconfig and it does not work on all linux distros. Going to fix that.
  • bugs - fixed a number of small bugs and annoyances.

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