Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easiest way to try out new MySQL Cluster 7.0.5

Here is how to install and start MySQL Cluster 7.0.5 in eight steps:
  1. Go to the configurator and setup the configuration you wish to have. Make sure you select "MySQL Cluster 7.0.x" in the first drop down.
  2. Copy the package you either download or receive by email to one of the computers that will run one of the management servers.
  3. tar xvfz mysqlcluster-70.tgz
  4. cd mysqlcluster-70/scripts/install
  5. Download MySQL Cluster 7.0 from MySQL website and put it in mysqlcluster-70/scripts/install
  6. sh
  7. sh
  8. cd .. && sh
Okay, step 1) requires that you setup shared ssh keys and a bit of typing and clicking, but gives you a production class configuration, and scripts to manage the cluster from a single point. Including backups and restores of MySQL Cluster!

I have mostly tested the scripts on Linux - please let me know about issues on other platforms!

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