Thursday, July 30, 2009

ndb_restore - best practice

A really simple best practice:

Make sure there are NO mysql servers connected to the Cluster while you do the restore!
It can cause the restore to fail badly and potentially even your cluster.

Also, make sure (if you use disk data) to remove all data files in the datadirs of the data nodes as they are not removed when doing an --initial ... I have written a bug report about that...

(i will update the severalnines/config scipts to include this best practice!)

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Jose Luis said...

Hi Johan,

Lately I'm worried about the future of mysql cluster (Oracle hands) because my little installation (7.04 with no problems now) will be increasing the data and traffic at high rate.

You that are a ndb-guru knows that future awaits to the cluster?

I known that is not post-related but many thanks in advance and congrat for this great blog!