Monday, August 03, 2009

Cluster + Dolphin DX = Sweet!

At a customer I have had the opportunity to work with some really state of the art equipment.

The customer is in the online gaming industry and we are building a platform based on MySQL Cluster where we are consolidating a number of applications. Workload is mainly inserts, updates, pk reads, and index scans (quite frequent), and a few joins. The cluster handles the transient data (current working set), and is replicating to a long term data store (following this approach), and we are also feeding other back-end support systems from this.

The cluster (>8 computers) is interconnected with Dolphin DX adapters. Computers are SUNs Nehalem based servers (Intel XEON E5540). The cluster (7.0.6) consists of 4 data nodes each having 32GB of RAM, plenty of RAID 1+0 storage, and >4 mysql servers. All running on the Nehalems.. It is so sweet :)

So much did things improve with the DX adapters over Gig-E? Just by plugging it in we got an overall 2.5-3x performance improvement (throughput up, response times down). I love it. Now we will continue optimizing the setup, schemas, queries etc to really find out.

I can really recommend the investment in DX adapters (remote memory access is faster than local disk) if you are after the top-notch performance , and the company behind it, Dolphin ICS is really fantastic to work with. If the DX switch would fail, then it will automatically fall back on the Gig-E adapters, transparently, and no service interruption (you or the applications don't notice a thing, except that performance drops).

Note: Dolphin ICS' adapters offers a socket interface. Thus, any TCP/IP application can benefit from the low latency and high bandwidth.


hingo said...

Do you have any back of the envelope figures on what the Nehalems do to MySQL Cluster performance? Always wanted to know since it should be great with 7.0.

Johan Andersson said...


Not much worth writing about, unfortunately :(