Monday, August 31, 2009

Data node stuck in phase 101 - what to do?

Sometimes I have seen and heard about that a data node gets stuck in start phase 101.

Unfortunately it is difficult to reproduce this (found no way yet), so no bug fix is in the pipe yet.

What happens is that in sp 101, the starting data node (actually a block called SUMA) should reconnect to the mysql server and take over the event handling (sending events to the mysql server), but it never gets the reconnect to the mysql server(s). A better explanation is here :)

If you see your data node stuck here then try the following:
1) Restart the mysql servers (one by one), the data node should now start
2) Restart the mysql servers and restart the data node.

Only do 2) if 1) does not work.

And if you know how to reproduce - let us know!

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potatokorner said...

Thanks your a life saver !