Wednesday, February 03, 2010

MySQL Cluster Configurator v3

Version 3.0 of the severalnines/Configurator has been released:
  • Improved scripts (a lot of cleanup), prefixing the script output with the hostname:
    Cluster: Cluster Start
    ps-ndb01: Starting management server (nodeid=1)
    ps-ndb01: Copying ../config/config.ini to /etc/mysql
    ps-ndb01: Started management server (nodeid=1, pid=28253)

  • Reduced number of scripts --> --initial --> --initial
    start-ndbd-<host>-<id> --> start-ndbd-<host>-<id>.sh --initial
  • Better error handling during rolling restarts
  • Scripts are checking if Node Failure handling is ready before starting nodes
  • start-ndbd-<host>-<id>.sh - new parameters [--initial] [--nowait] [--ignore]
    --initial - initial node start (clear out local ndb_fs
    --nowait - script will exit as soon as data node is starting
    --ignore - ignore waiting for Node Failure handling to complete
  • Supports MySQL Cluster 7.1.1
Here is an example of how to try out 7.1.1 using the Configurator

1. Generate a Configuration (make sure you select "MySQL Cluster 7.1.1")
  • Currently 7.1.1 is only in source format so you need to have ncurses-devel/gcc/g++/make installed

2. Unpack the tarball you get and start the installation!
You are recommended to set up shared ssh keys between the "Frontend" (where you run the scripts) to the other nodes in the cluster in order to avoid typing passwords all the time.
tar xvfz mysqlcluster-71.tar.gz
cd mysqlcluster-71
cd cluster/scripts/install/
./ ###WARNING - This script is experimental, let me know if it works!
cd ..
./ --initial

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