Monday, February 28, 2011

Web and Telco mode Cluster Configuration

The Core Scripts (aka Configurator) for MySQL Cluster has now been updated with a new feature that allows you to tune cluster for a particular workload.
Currently there are two types of workloads supported:
  • Web
  • Telco/Realtime
The Web workload is suitable for applications:
  • with long running transactions (scans, joins and/or large updates)
  • reading and especially writing of large chunks (BLOBs) of data where an "innodb" like behavior is wanted.
The Telco workload is suitable for realtime applications with:
  • requirements on response times
  • requirements on failover times
  • short but many parallel request primarily on PK
Buffers and timeouts are geared towards each workload. Some of it you can read more about here.

The Telco workload is also suitable for many kinds of applications in for example the following domains:
  • Finance,
  • Online gaming
  • Subscriber databases
  • Session management
If you don't know what is most suitable for you, please contact Severalnines and we help you.


Martindale said...

Great to see this added, Johan. It would be helpful if the differences between the two were further documented so people who prefer to tune their configs directly can read in and understand as well. :)

In many deployments, the configurator may be used but as time goes on those configs are individualized.

Jelle said...

It's good application that business people will love it. This is a good read, worth my time spent in reading it! Thanks for sharing!