Thursday, November 20, 2008

cmon 0.11 released

cmon 0.11 which you can get from corrects the following bugs:
  • Graphs wrap half ways -
  • Memory leaks (missed a couple of mysql_free_resultset)
There are also some code cleanups.
To upgrade from earlier version:
  • start a mysql client on the mysql server(s) having the cmon database
  • use cmon
  • drop mysql_statistics table
  • drop mysql_variables table
  • start cmon which will then recreate those tables
The above is particularly important if you move from MySQL Cluster 6.3.17 or earlier to 6.3.18 (or later) because the number of statistic counters and variables has increased between the versions. cmon will build up the mysql_statistics and mysql_variables tables dynamically instead (if you have dropped them earlier).

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