Friday, November 21, 2008

MySQL Cluster 6.3.19

...has just been released:

You can download the GPL source distribution here. The config tool has been updated to use the new version.

Important things in 6.3.19:
  • MySQL Server 5.1.29
  • Faster --initial
  • Undo logs and data files (disk data) is created faster. Now 512K is written at a time instead of 32K.
  • New config parameter: InitFragmentLogFiles=sparse|full (you can choose if you want sparse redo log files or zero filled (full)).
For a full change log please see the reference manual.

To upgrade using
  • copy cluster/config/config.ini to a safe place (if you have made changes to it)
  • copy cluster/config/my.cnf to a safe place (if you have made changes to
    comment out #skip_thread_priority in my.cnf if you have it set (it is deprecated).
  • generate a new config that mimics your current config so that you get exactly the same scripts (but a new version of them).
  • Unpack the mysqlcluster-63.tar.gz
  • copy the config.ini and the my.cnf from the safe place to mysqlcluster-63cluster/config/
  • cd mysqlcluster-63/cluster/scripts
  • sh
  • sh
  • sh (will copy out the config files from cluster/config hence it was important to copy them back there)
If you are using cmon-0.10 (you should upgrade to cmon-0.11) or cmon-0.11:
  • stop cmon
  • start a mysql client:
  • use cmon
  • drop mysql_statistics;
  • drop mysql_variables;
  • start cmon
cmon will now recreate the mysql_statistics and mysql_variables tables. This is because the MySQL server in MySQL Cluster 6.3.19 (and 6.3.18) has added more status variables. If you don't do the above, then cmon cannot aggregate mysql statistics.

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